Contest BYC

Important dates

Royal Gridlock 2022 – Online cultural competition was held from 1st August 2022 to 17th November 2022. This year all the competitions had a fresh look on our newly launched website. The competitions included Clay Modelling, Shell Painting, Switchboard Painting, Tshirt Painting, Face Painting, Meme Creation, Fashion Illustrator, Sing a Rhyme, Folk Dance, Tribal Dance, Classical Dance, String & Beats, Instagram reels, Cooking without fire, Rangoli, and Creator in you. The recorded contestants’ videos were uploaded to our youtube channel, which is integrated with our website( This made our event to the next level of reach our site view has reached one lakh. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Voting was open from 9th November to 17th November 2022. The results were declared on 18th November 2022. Students are awarded a cash prize. The DD, medals, and certificates were sent to their respective mailing address.

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