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All the schools are open after a long break of two years. It is back in its regime and students are getting in full swing of their intellectual activities. As a part of it and to get things triggered for the students, BELIEVE YOU CAN 2022 is conducted. It is a cycle of  Young Forum, Royal Gridlock and ASSET .It is kick started with Young Forum 2022, a complete intellectual activity for all the students of class KG to 12 standards. Students from all over the world participated in this online event. This year we conducted 12 competitions under each category. Young forum 2022 has reached various countries like Malaysia, Dubai, and South Africa as well. The total number of participants crossed 200 and above from various geographical locations. There is no registration fee. Judging is based on a total number of votes(voting is through Facebook so that from one FB id the viewers can cast only one vote) and by the judge’s validation for each competition. Judges were professionals who were brought in SEEK FOUNDATION for evaluating the results in an unbiased manner. Voting was opened from 25th May to 4th June 2022. The results of all the competitions were sent to their respective email. Students’ participation ensured our success of the event. Students are awarded a cash prize. The DD, medals, and certificates were sent to their respective mailing address.

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